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FALL APPLICATION- Cancer Center of Excellence Designation- This application is for new considerations, not if you are an existing Cancer Center of Excellence.


The Cancer Center of Excellence designation is intended to recognize organizations that demonstrate excellence in patient-centered coordinated care for persons undergoing cancer treatment and therapy in Florida. The goal of the Cancer Center of Excellence program is to encourage excellence in cancer care in Florida and attracting and retaining the best cancer care professionals to the state. Further, the designation seeks to increase national recognition of Florida organizations (e.g., as a National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Center). The designation of a Cancer Center of Excellence is based on a systems approach to improving the quality of cancer care. Collectively, Florida can be a preferred destination for quality cancer care.

To learn more about the designation and the application requirements, please refer to the manual.  Applications must be submitted through this online system. 

For more information on the Florida Department of Health Public Health Research Unit, click here:


The Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program - $5 million is available for FY 17-18 to support research grants.  For more information go to the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

We have received a number of calls and emails regarding some points of confusion with the WebGrants site.  To facilitate the application process, we will address the most common ones below:

    • Character counts for the submission fields do include spaces.  Please consider this if you are preparing your text in Word to paste over to the website.

    • Applicants need not upload budget template forms with SRO signatures.

    • Letters of support may be required for your application depending on your chosen Priority Area and Funding Mechanism.  Please consult pg. 22 of the FOA for more information

    • To submit letters of support, simply add them to the end of other documents you plan to upload, and we will separate them after the application process.

    • As you paste text into the fields, you may notice artifacts such as question marks (?) or other special characters throughout the pasted text.  We will be cleaning up the formatting after the applications are submitted, so please do not be concerned.


Due to Hurricane Irma and the continuing recovery efforts, the grant application submission deadline has been extended to

October 6, 2017, 5:00 EST. 

The purpose of the Program is to fund research leading to prevention of, or a cure for, Alzheimer’s disease by pursuing the following goals:

1.    Improve the health of Floridians by researching better prevention and diagnoses of, and treatments and cures for, Alzheimer’s    

2.    Expand the foundation of knowledge relating to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of Alzheimer’s disease.

3.    Stimulate economic activity in Florida in areas related to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Questions regarding the Funding Opportunity Announcement should be sent to  Questions will be accepted from July 19 to August 7, 5:00 P.M.  Answers to questions will be posted in two segments-- July 28 and August 9. 

Online system, technical questions should be sent to

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